11.06.07: QST Juni 2007 eingegangen

Heute ist bei DK3YD das neue Heft der QST, Juni 2007, des U.S.-Amateurfunkclubs ARRL eingegangen.

Das Heft enthält u.a. folgende Artikel:


- ESD Control for the Radio Amateur

- The Audible Antenna Bridge

- Learning to PIC with PIC-EL - Part 2

- Add a 30 and 40 Meter Dipole to your SteppIR Yagi

- Product Review: ICOM IC-V85 2 Meter FM Handheld Transceiver; National RF Vector-Finder VHF Direction Finding System; Battery powered Soldering Tools

News and Features

- It Seems to Us: The Field Day Bug

- AARA 1, Murphy 0: Our Linux Logging Program at Field Day

- Building a Better Field Day

- ARRL Field Day Cookbook

- Kids Day 2007 - Way Too Much Fun!

QST Workbench

- The Doctor is IN: Trees and antenna radiation; noise reduction technologies; horizontal loops; classic microphones and modern transceivers

- Short Takes - A roundup of three LED light sources for Field Day from Stanley; West Mountain Radio and PowerFlare

- Terminating 75 Ohm 7/8 inch Hardline with SO-239

- Getting to Know Your Radio - Add a new dimension to your radio with sound card operation

- Measure Q with Your Antenna Analyzer

- I Just Wanted to Try Sound Cards, Now I Have Hum!

- Hands-On Radio: Experiment #53 - RF Peak Detector

- Hints & Kinks: Powerpole automotive power adaptor; lightning protection for open wire feed lines; curing alternator whine; an antenna for apartment dwellers


- 2006 ARRL 160 Meter Contest Results


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