02.10.08: QST Oktober 2008

Das Oktober-Heft der QST (Radiosport Issue. herausgegeben vom U.S.-Amateurfunkclub ARRL) enthält u.a. folgende Artikel:


- A Short Boom, Wideband Three Element Yagi for 10 Meters

- A Look at the Rohde and Schwarz XK2100 HF Transceiver

- Experimenter's RF Spectrum Analyzer

- Product Review: ICOM IC-7700 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver

News and Features

- It Seems to Us: Pooling Our Resources

- Radiosport: 8 page special section all about Radiosport

- The Life and Times of a Master Contester - An Interview with Tim Duffy, K3LR

- CQ CONTEST! A History of Radiosport

- ARRL Board of Directors Plans for League's Future at Second 2008 Meeting

QST Workbench

- The Doctor is IN: Keeping NiCd batteries ready to go; computer sound cards; protecting gear from EMP; more

- Through the Glass HF Antenna and Tuner at K7ZX/MM

- Feeding the Zepp with Coax

- Hands-On Radio: Experiment #69 - Phase Locked Loops, Applications

- The Pileup Buster

- A Shower Head Microphone

- Hints & Kinks: USB to ICOM interface; rotating mini-dipoles; caring for your soldering iron; more

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