03.08.07: QST August 2007

Das August-Heft der QST (herausgegeben vom U.S.-Amateurfunkclub ARRL, Annual Antenna Issue) enthält u.a. folgende Artikel:


- Construct a Rugged, Easy to Build, 2 Element Yagi

- Six Band Loaded Dipole Antenna

- An EZ-Lindenblad Antenna for 2 Meters

- A Short Boom, Wideband 3 Element Yagi for 6 Meters

- Product Review: Antenna system measurement devices: Array Solutions AIM4170 Antenna Analyzer; Telepost LP-100 HF Digital Vector Wattmeter; WaveNode WN-2 Station Monitoring System

News and Features

- It Seems to Us: So Far, So Good

- An HF through UHF Uni-Whip Antenna

- APRS and High-Altitude Research Balloons

- Happenings

QST Workbench

- The Doctor is IN: Power supply circuits; vertical antenna lengths; using the same antenna for receiving and transmitting; more

- Short Takes: TinyCAD

- A Simple Broadband 80 Meter Dipole

- Hands-On Radio: Experiment #55 - Current/Voltage Converters

- So What's New in the New Antenna Book?

- Getting to Know Your Radio: Get going with mobile operating!

- Work any DX Lately? We're here to Help

- Hints & Kinks: Tower Foundations and sandy soil; coax standoff arm for crank-up towers; portable antenna mounts; more


- 2007 ARRL International DX CW Contest Results

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