08.02.09: QST Februar 2009

Das Februar-Heft der QST (herausgegeben vom U.S.-Amateurfunkclub ARRL) enthält u.a. folgende Artikel:


- Designing and Building Transistor Linear Power Amplifiers

- Keeping Current with Antenna Performance

- Bob's Easy Assembly Surface-Mount Table (BEAST)

- A Better Way to Work Low Earth Orbit FM Satellites

- Product Review: TelePost LP-PAN Software Defined IQ Panadapter; DV Dongle D-STAR Adapter;three more battery powered soldering tools

News and Features

- It Seems to Us: Technology and Science, A Two-Way Street

- Homeowners Insurance and Your Antenna System

- Amateur Radio and Public Education Make for a Bright Future

- Log It!

- A Lost Dit of Vibroplex History

QST Workbench

- The Doctor is IN: Ground radials; neutralizing vacuum tubes; balancing feed lines; more

- Short Takes - Weather Direct

- Automatic Fan Control for HF Amplifiers

- Hands-On Radio: Experiment #73 - Choosing an Op Amp

- Announcement - Second ARRL Homebrew Challenge

- Hints & Kinks: Antenna counterweights; coax critter damage; labeling headset adapter cables; more

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