25.02.10: QST March 2010

Das März-Heft (Annual Antenna Issue) der QST (herausgegeben vom U.S.-Amateurfunkclub ARRL) enthält u.a. folgende Artikel:


- An Experimental Look at Ground Systems for HF Verticals

- Compact Stealth Five Band Inverted L Antenna

- The Mini Horse Antenna

- The Antenna Elevation Pattern - What's the Big Deal?

- A Peak Reading RF Power Meter

- Antennas Away from Home

- Product Review: Remote automatic antenna tuners and the 43 foot vertical; DX Enginering RTR-1 receive antenna interface for transceivers

News and Features

- It Seems to Us: Emergency Preparedness and the FCC Rules

- The New ARRL Web Site Has Arrived

- Remote Antenna Tuners

- The ARRL Lab

- Happenings


- This Month in Contesting

- Contest Corral

- The 2009 IARU HF World Championship Results


- The Doctor is IN

- Feedback

- Hands-On Radio: Experiment #86 - Viewing Waveforms in LTspice

- Hints & Kinks

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