06.04.10: QST April 2010

Das April-Heft der QST (herausgegeben vom U.S.-Amateurfunkclub ARRL) enthält u.a. folgende Artikel:


- Compact Voltage Protector and Fuse Assembly for 100 W Transceivers

- Easy to make 4:1 Coreless Baluns

- Building a 1929 Vacuum Tube Transmitter

- A Shortened Capacitive Loaded 160 Meter Vertical Antenna

- A Battery Operated Antenna Rotator

- The Real World Meets Your Real Antenna

- Frequency Measuring Test 2010

- Product Review: Alinco DJ-G7T triband handheld transceiver; Green Heron Eingineering GH everywhere wireless cable; International Radio roofing filter for the IC-756PROIII

News and Features

- It Seems to Us: Our "New" 6 Meter Band

- Amateur Radio and the Haitian Earthquake

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